Allegheny Asphalt Services is the creation of a two-family partnership, locally owned and operated out of Beaver County, PA. Our name may be new, but we are not. With a combined 9 years of experience our "family business" is dedicated to providing you with a great client experience.

About Us

Behind the Scenes

The ability to use Spray Injection Patching makes us different and unique to the area. Spray Patching is PENN DOT APPROVED and the equipment we use is specifically designed to repair damage to asphalt and maintain your initial investment. We do not pave, we patch. Our four step-process ensures long-lasting results. Step 1) Technicians clean the area to be repaired until free of dirt, water, and debris. Step 2) An emulsified tar mixture is sprayed on the area at a minimum of 150 degress creating a bond to existing pavement. Step 3) Crushed limestone (aggregate) is added into the tar mixture creating a solid patch. Step 4) We finish by tamping the area to blend it with the surrounding asphalt and apply a dry coat, leaving it ready to drive on in minutes! 

Spray Injection Patching

It is important to us to keep your business accessible to customers and employees while we make repairs to asphalt or concrete areas, especially parking lots. We make a point to work with your schedule and restrict as little of the are area as possible to traffic. We even offer evening and weekend repairs. As with most road and construction work, repairs will be rescheduled in the event of inclement weather (lightening, steady rain, or heavy snow). If the asphalt is too wet, it could compromise the patch. We take pride in our work and want to provide you with the best repair possible. 

Scheduling in Your Best Interest

Our professional technicians use Spray Injection Patching to fix asphalt. This method of repair is also compatible for patching areas within damaged concrete. We can repair potholes, damage around catch basins/man-hole covers/utility shut-offs, fill depressions, chip and tar driveways, and perform preventative maintenance on roadways where cracking, delaminating, and gator-backing has occured. We offer crack sealing, seal coating, and line striping to provide for complete asphalt maintenance.

What we fix

What's it cost?

Spray Injection Patching will typically save a client 30% over the alternative repair methods, while providing a superior hold. We keep our process simple and our overhead costs down to provide high-quality, low cost repairs. There are never any hidden fees or upcharges. Just honest, affordable rates. Call to schedule your no obligation, free estimate today. We have saved local business owners $100's over other methods offered. 

As a Western Pennsylvania small business and family partnership, we value each of our clients and care about building relationships in our area and surrounding communities. We provide an inexpensive, high quality repair and routinely survey completed sites to ensure that our product continues to meet our standards. What we do is part of who we are and we take great pride in that.  The greatest compliments we can recieve is repeat business for new repairs and referrals from existing clients to family, friends, and fellow business owners. We want a company built on trust and reputation, because to us, there isn't a better way to do business.

Our Commitment to Our Clients and Our Community

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